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Your ordinary girl living an extraordinary life ♫

Three words and Eight letters, say it and I'm yours~ ☮

The little girl who owns this journal bears the name KYLIE. I was born in the Heisei year 4, making me 23 years old and is currently a preschool teacher in the Philippines.
Everything started with Gokusen 2 and the rest is history. I am in love with KAT-TUN's gorgeous diva, Kamenashi Kazuya and KAT-TUN is my ichiban group, making me a HYPHEN 「ー」I also have a soft spot for Hey! Say! JUMP! and Yabu Kota managed to make his way to my fan girl heart. When it comes to OTPs, well, I am an avid AKame and YabuHika shipper.
Add me up?
This journal consists of 90% flailing posts and 10% RL shizzles. If we have some things in common, then feel free to add me AFTER dropping a simple comment here :)
Status: Semi Hiatus
Work is tough since I’m handling two preschool classes now, but I’ll try my best to be around once in awhile.
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